vIDix Staff Call

Nurse Call System

Easy-to-use communications system designed to meet the needs of your long-term care facility. From assisted living to acute care, the Staff Call provides the means for efficient staff and resident interaction.


Ease resident stress when requesting assistance. The process can be automated with vIDix Staff Call to ensure prompt calling.

Resident Check-In

Automate the process of checking in residents. Console can also display lists of residents who have not checked in.


Call information can be displayed for easy viewing and allows backup personnel to retrieve information at a glance.


Management reports can be provided to detail the interaction between staff and residents, event information which will help monitor call activity and identify staffing needs for administration. 




The easy-to-use nurse call pull cord is for residents to alert caregivers when they are in need of assistance. Healthcare staff is alerted by a flashing light and alarm at their Annunciator station when the patient pulls the emergency cord. 


An individual can press a wall mounted button to alert staff when they are in need of assistance.


Staff address the call quickly, using the corridor lights to locate and identify the issue at a glance.



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