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Biometrics Benefiting Businesses

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

True or False: Biometrics Lead to More Accurate Measurements of Workplace Attendance?

True: The measurement of absence and an accurate reporting of workplace attendance are fundamental to identifying problems. We develop solutions that will minimize employee absence, while ensuring company satisfaction. According to the American Payroll Association, over 75% of employers lose money due to buddy punching. Fortunately, these are devices that can completely eliminate buddy punching due to the low possibility of duplicating biological features like finger scan.

True or False: vIDix Biometric Clocks Have Low Success Rate?

False: vIDix Labor Biometric Clocks use Lumidigm finger scanner technology which scans the finger vein pattern, rather than the scanning the actual fingerprint. Lumidigm technology has many benefits through vIDix Timeclocks. By scanning the finger vein pattern there is a higher success rate when employees are clocking in. You don’t have to worry about fingerprints being worn off or hands being too dry. By using Lumidigm biometrics we can guarantee that success rates are higher than scanning fingerprint surfaces.

True or False: vIDix Biometrics Ensures Employee’s Privacy?

True: Employees will have peace of mind when using the vIDix Labor Biometric Clocks. vIDix Labor does not store employee finger scans in the application. The finger scans are encrypted, converting it to a random set of numbers, and not storing it as an image in the application, keeping this personal information private and safe for employees.

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