Clopening: What is it and How Can We Prevent it?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Clopening is a term used and dreaded for many employees in the retail world and other industries. Why? - it refers to work schedules that require an employee work until closing on a late shift and then work an opening shift early the next morning. You can understand how clopening can quickly burn out employees, who get little rest between shifts, and lead to a loss of productivity.

Many industries are now trying to eliminate clopening within their organizations. Numerous states have legislation proposed to ban these types of shifts. Doing so, however, is not easy for employers unless their scheduling process can identify and avoid back-to-back close and open shift assignments. With vIDix Scheduler, employers can easily make sure employees are not scheduled for clopening shifts. Hour restrictions can be set so employee's schedules do not exceed daily maximums and have a set minimum time between ending and starting shifts. Using vIDix Scheduler takes away the worry for organizations that they are scheduling an employee back to back, by allowing the system to manage and enforce these rules. vIDix Scheduler also empowers employees to define when they can and can’t work. The end result - employees are engaged, well rested and more productive!

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