vIDix Aware - Crisis Event Alert & Status

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

vIDix Aware is a crisis event alert and status system. It was first developed with schools in mind but can really be used in any place of business. The software is designed so users can easily initiate an incident from a phone, tablet, or computer via web application. This could be someone who saw a person with a weapon, a tornado warning or a smoke-filled area.

That incident can be communicated throughout a facility or school district. The employees or staff assigned to certain areas can respond to the incident with their current status. All statuses would be gathered and displayed for an Administrator to see color indicators on a map for the big picture view of the incident. In the case of a fire, everyone would know immediately where the fire is located and how best to evacuate.

The Administrator can also send messages back and forth with the responding staff to get more details. When first responders need to get involved, vIDix Aware will send them a link via email or text message to see the same view as the Administrators with visual indicators on a map of the facility to know exactly what is going on. Once an incident has been mobilized, a detailed report of all communications that took place can be displayed.

vIDix Aware strengthens a company’s Emergency Preparation Plan by reducing notification time, informing all staff members of the type of crisis as well a providing up to the second visibility throughout the event.

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