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vIDix Control Access Control Interactive Mapping Module

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

A quick and efficient way to identify the status of items within your facility including doors, monitor points, and other key systems is to utilize the mapping module within vIDix Control. Color-specific conditions quickly identify which door is unlocked and which door is in alarm. Icons can be set to flash when in their alarm state along with playing an audio alert so you know if any of your perimeter doors or other monitor points are in alarm. Video from I.P. Cameras can be configured to automatically display on screen if there is an alarm condition.

Besides being informative, the mapping interface is functional as well. You can simply click on a door icon and momentarily unlock the door, lock an unlocked door or unlock the door for the day.

The Lockout can be initiated from an icon on the map as well. You choose the Lockout Level. You can simply lock any unlocked doors, anyone with a valid door schedule can get back into the building. Select the next level to lock any unlocked doors. Choose a Lock Level to decide who can get back into the building. The third option will lock any unlocked doors. This time all badges are deactivated and no one’s badge will allow them back into the building.

Other systems can be controlled via the map interface as well. Open a gate, turn on and off your parking lot lights. Turn on and off lights, power, water, make or answer an intercom call. Maps can also be layered allowing you to have one map for the county showing all of your different locations. Layer your maps, have one map for the county showing all of your different locations. Click on a location and bring up a map for that location. Have one map for building A and another for building B, easily switch back and forth or return to the main map. For convenience, icons can be added to display other websites or launch other web-based programs.

Customization can be easily achieved to meet your needs. Contact Ban-Koe a demo at or 952-888-6688



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