Up to date technology meeting today's standards in video evidence capture and processing leads to streamlined operations and repeatable processes resulting in efficient workflow. Video Evidence reduces agency liability as well as the financial and personal risk to law enforcement professionals providing them with the confidence they require in their day-to-day operations and ultimately in the courtroom.

vIDix Video Evidence




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Simplify the interview process with consistent and repeatable processes.

Faster Transcribing

High quality video leads to high quality audio files which reduce the time and effort needed in transcribing statements.

Secure Information

Top of the line servers and components with automatic backups set your mind at ease when it comes to technology related issues.




Lightweight, High Quality Video

Video Evidence recording controls are simple to use and designed to operate without disrupting operating procedures. Once recorded, the digital media is stored on reliable media rather than bulky audio or video tapes or CD's, ensuring a complete and accurate recording of excellent quality.

Bookmark and Time Stamp

Automatic date/time stamp included on all recordings, personalize with your own watermark, bookmark key events with case number, demographics, and interviewer for quick search and review.

Simultaneous Interviews

Conduct, record and view multiple interviews simultaneously all on one system.

Open Compatible and Proprietary Media

Recordings can be saved in a universal format as well as saved in a proprietary format that includes its own playback application.

Tailored Recording Options

Start/stop the recording process with a push button, from the client software. Add a card reader for greater control of the recording environment, mute the audio if required for client privilege. Add warning lights informing others of the live recording process.

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