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Workforce Management

A key strategy for most organizations is a better utilization of existing staff by increasing workforce productivity and performance. A well-designed and deployed Workforce Management system allows managers to drive organizational initiatives rather than administrative paperwork.

Time Accounting

vIDix Labor

vIDix Labor gives you the ability to manage labor costs before they occur rather than after they happen. Connect people in many different roles, enabling your organization to minimize time-consuming administrative activities and maximize strategic insight into your workforce.

Working on Laptop

Credential Management

vIDix Identify

vIDix Identify gives you the ability to produce high-quality, low-cost photo identification credentials on-site and on-demand. Credentials can be used for building access, data collection, Time and Attendance, and transactions at a company store or cafeteria.


Employee Scheduling

vIDix Scheduler

Simplify your scheduling process with vIDix Scheduler. Automatically create schedules based on employee demand, skills, and availability. Align employee skills to corporate needs, consider employee availability, manage last-minute absences and perform shift swaps.

Business Owner in Workshop

Visitor Management

vIDix Info

With vIDix Info, you can safeguard the workplace by strengthening and automating your Visitor Management process. Capture and store visitor information and electronically sign confidentiality, HIPAA, SOX, and any other legal documents.

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