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ENHANCE your emergency preparedness plan today WITH KNOX RAPID ACCESS

During times of declared emergencies and incidents of unrest, ensure your business is equipped with a secure Knox that provides firefighters with rapid access into your building(s) & vital information for incident management. A KnoxBox provides the fire department with safe after-hours and emergency ingress and reduces costly repairs incurred during a forced entry, which keeps businesses operational.  

Get in touch to ensure your business is prepared for emergencies.

What is Rapid Access?

Rapid access is quick, safe and secure entry into buildings, secured perimeter areas and communities by first responders, without the use of forced entry.

See rapid access in action by watching the video below.

Brochures & Resources


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About Ban-Koe Companies

An Authorized Local Knox Trusted Partner

Ban-Koe Companies; a leader in Life Safety and Security Solutions for Law Enforcement and City municipalities through-out the Midwest. Since our inception we have listened to our Customers’ needs and have brought their visions to reality. Our personalized approach to creating solutions guarantees an exceptional Customer Experience. 

Ban-Koe's goal is to ensure business owners and facility managers receive the most efficient and effective solution offerings, application and installation processes. Leveraging deep knowledge in fire, security and suppression with a strong reputation as a provider, Ban-Koe is committed to helping you with your rapid access solution needs that provide first responders with secure entry into your property with minimal force, damage and delay.


We'll help you select the right products and ensure they're in the proper location.


We coordinate with stakeholders to ensure proper installation of products.


Maintain, support and upgrade your products to ensure your building is secure.

"Thanks for your assistance, and I will let others here know what a great resource you are."

- Jim D. Minneapolis FIS


Contact Us 

9401 James Ave S, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN 55431

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