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Monitoring gives you the ability to send mission-critical signals to a qualified remote central station to fulfill code requirements and provides you peace of mind...your facilities are safe and secure.


System Monitoring is an integral part of Life safety, building, and asset protection. A value cannot be placed on the security of human life, and/or your facility. Ban-Koe will help you to ensure that you are protected utilizing your existing life safety system.

Contact the Right People

Remote Station Monitoring will contact the right people depending on the situation. If it is an emergency, authorities will be contacted. If it is a building alarm, the building manager(s) will be contacted. 

Multiple Back-Up Points

There are three monitoring centers located across the country, and each center is UL Listed and backed up by two generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

Two-Way Voice Monitoring

Communicate directly with a skilled representative until the emergency is cleared.



Monitor Your Hardware Systems

  • Intrusion Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Elevator Phones

  • Temperature Indicators

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