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vIDix Senior Safety Solutions
Wander Management, Nurse Call & Fall Detection System

Senior Safety Solutions, where safety meets innovation to provide comprehensive solutions for senior care. Our range of products, including Wander Management, Nurse Call, and Fall Detection, is designed to meet the unique safety and security needs of post-acute care, behavioral management, rehab, dementia units, and senior living settings.


Our senior safety solutions are not just cost-effective but also highly customizable and scalable to meet the diverse needs of any facility. We prioritize creating a secure, home-like environment that enhances resident safety, promotes independence, and instills confidence. With CODE ALERT®, you can trust that help is on the way whenever a resident needs assistance.

Enterprise Software

The Enterprise Software integrates Wander Management, Nurse Call, and Fall Detection alerts on a single platform. This user-friendly software enables staff communication from anywhere, allowing them to respond to alarms using a web-based mobile client, an Android or iOS app, or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.


Quality Dashboards

Identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve efficiency with comprehensive reporting and analytical tools.


RFT CARES™ Enterprise App

Connect with the Enterprise software to enable faster and more precise responses to alerts, improved accuracy in care reporting, and the ability to request assistance without leaving a resident's room.


Nurse Call

CODE ALERT® offers wireless call stations and pendants that enable residents to request help with the press of a button or a pull of a cord. When activated, alerts provide care staff with the resident's location, improving staff efficiency.

Wireless Pendants

Worn around the neck, strapped to the wrist, or hooked on clothing.

Call Stations

Mounted on a wall close to the resident.


Wander Management

These comprehensive solutions provide discreet exit monitoring for wander management, maintaining an open environment while signaling staff when monitored doors are opened. CODE ALERT® transmitters reduce resident wandering while supporting caregiver workflow.

CodeWatch® Transmitter

Resembles a wristwatch with colorful options for improved acceptance.

Quick-Look Alarm Panels

Display wander management alerts seamlessly with resident identification.


Fall Detection Technology

Maintain safety, privacy, and dignity with the latest fall detection product. Quick Response Fall Detection uses 4-D technology to sense active and unreported falls through the CODE ALERT Enterprise Platform.

UL 1069 Certified Systems

Quick Response Pro achieved UL 1069 certification for safety, durability, and performance.

Multiple Lines Available

RFT offers various Quick Response Nurse Call systems to match the size and needs of your facility.

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Passive Monitoring Solutions

Permanent and temporary wireless passive monitoring sensors report events through CODE ALERT® Enterprise software. Temperature sensors, water detectors, and motion sensors provide additional layers of safety.

Temperature Sensors

Notify when the ambient temperature is too hot or cold.

Water Detectors

Warn against damage and mold caused by leaking appliances.

Motion Sensors

Provide daily check-ins and notify staff of missed check-ins, prompting wellness checks on the resident.

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