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KNOX Rapid Access Solutions

Knox's premier line of Rapid Access Solutions helps building owners and managers preserve and protect their properties. Aligning with Ban-Koe as a Trusted Partner now elevates an owner's assurance of greater service to deliver:

Local Code Knowledge

Application and Product Expertise

Local Inventory

Installation and Support to:        

  • Building owners        

  • Contractors        

  • Fire departments

Discover where Knox products provide first responders access to secured areas on your property.


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Ban-Koe is honored to be an extension of the Knox Company as their local expert in providing rapid access solutions. As a Knox Trusted Partner, Ban-Koe works closely with fire departments and law enforcement agencies to maintain the integrity of the Knox Rapid Access System. Ban-Koe will provide local code and product application expertise, inventory, installation, and support to building owners, contractors, and fire departments on a local basis.


Ban-Koe's goal is to ensure business owners and facility managers receive the most efficient and effective solution offerings, application and installation processes. Leveraging deep knowledge in fire, security, and suppression with a strong reputation as a provider, Ban-Koe is committed to helping you with your rapid access solution needs to enable first responders immediate entry into your property with minimal force, damage and delay.


We'll help you select the right products and ensure they're in the proper location.



We coordinate with stakeholders to ensure proper installation of products.

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Maintain, support and upgrade your products to ensure your building is secure.


Knox Quality Standard You Can Expect From Ban-Koe


Contact Us to Learn More About Knox Rapid Access Solutions

9401 James Ave S, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN 55431
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