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Looking for a unique opportunity in the HCMS & Security world?

Join Ban-Koe’s network of certified Strategic Partners. Develop your business while bringing the benefits of our innovative solutions to meet the challenges your customers face. The vIDix Platform, designed as standalone or integrated solutions, is available for time & attendance, access control, advanced intelligent scheduling, crisis event & alert status system, credential administration, visitor management, and jail control.

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vIDix Solutions

With Ban-Koe, you can sell the products and services that match your expertise, appeal to your existing customers, and grow your business faster. Our products are positioned to provide the best quality and performance in the industry at a reasonable price, delivering the best value.

vIDix Labor

Time & Attendance

vIDix Labor Web-Based Time and Attendance solution automate the data collection process while providing the tools and information necessary to proactively manage your workforce. This allows you to better manage labor costs and improve productivity. 

vIDix Control 

Access Control

vIDix CONTROL provides complete security, giving visibility to your day-to-day operations and the assurance of knowing all facets of your facility and people are secure and safe.

vIDix Scheduler

Advanced Scheduling

vIDix Scheduler's simple user interface will help you manage and organize all of your scheduling processes. vIDix Scheduler automatically creates schedules based on your business requirements, governmental regulations, and employee skill sets; all while engaging employees.

vIDix Aware

Crisis Event Alert & Status 

vIDix AWARE is the easiest way to quickly initiate emergency plans, communicate to all individuals in the facility and manage emergency condition statuses in various parts of the building, while creating a sense of security for all individuals. 

vIDix Identify

Credential Management

Whether it be printing employee badges for a small company or student IDs for an entire school district, we have the solution for you. ID badges are useful in providing appropriate role-based access to restricted areas, vending services, as well as visual identification.

vIDix Detention Manager

Jail Control

vIDix Detention Manager puts critical information and control right at your fingertips through an interactive touchscreen. From a single system, you can provide total security management and report.

vIDix Info

Visitor Management

Accurately capture detailed visitor information. Identify all individuals who visit your facility by scanning an ID and identifying the reason for their visit. vIDix Info enables organizations to efficiently track visitors, print badges, and integrate with facility access control.

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