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Workplace Security

Take control of your facility’s security and emergency preparation with Ban-Koe’s innovative solution set while maintaining low costs by utilizing existing system infrastructure. Streamlining security solutions will prepare and protect your organization while allowing you to make quick decisions during weather emergencies, potential threats, and evacuations.

Access Control

vIDix Control

vIDix Control provides complete security, giving visibility to your day-to-day operations and the assurance of knowing all facets of your facility and people are secure and safe. Take charge of your complete security plan with unlimited access control possibilities. 


Rapid Access System

Knox Box

Rapid access is quick, safe, and secure entry into buildings, secured perimeter areas, and communities by first responders, without the use of forced entry.


Nurse Call, Wander Management and Fall Detection System

vIDix Senior Safety Solutions

Our range of products, including Wander Management, Nurse Call, and Fall Detection, is designed to meet the unique safety and security needs of post-acute care, behavioral management, rehab, dementia units, and senior living settings.


Two-Way Communication

Rescue Assistance

Provide accessible, handsfree, two-way communications enabling people with disabilities to call for help in an emergency. Quickly and easily request
assistance where help isn’t immediately available.

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Video Surveillance

vIDix View

Video Surveillance makes your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. View, manage and record video locally and remotely. Video can be securely accessed anywhere and
at any time.


Jail Control

vIDix Detention Manager

puts the control of your detention area at your fingertips. Display your facility floorplan on a touch screen device to quickly control devices such as doors,
cameras, lights, intercoms, and much more.

detention - lights & camerapng.png

Audio & Video Systems

Audio & Video

Audio & Video Systems gives you the ability to share up-to-date and accurate information in a timely manner using brilliant, eye-catching displays and network-distributed information management systems.

Atlas IED Digital Signal Processing Audio control equipment-4-button-controller_300.jpeg

Fire Alarm System

vIDix Fire

Fire Alarm solutions protect your business
and more importantly, save the lives of building occupants. A total solution that protects people and property with innovative and state-of-the-art fire alarm technology.

EST4 - BK Logo.png

Mass Notification

Crisis Event Alerts

Allow key personnel to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, audible and visual intelligence.
Comprehensive notification systems keep everyone informed before, during, and after events.

Emergency Alert - School.png

Crisis Status System

vIDix Aware

vIDix Aware is the easiest way to quickly
initiate emergency plans, communicate to all individuals in the facility and manage
emergency condition statuses in various parts of the building, and create a sense of security for all individuals.

Empty School Desks And Chairs

Emergency Mustering

vIDix Muster

Empower your Safety Team with the tools to help manage an emergency or safety drill. Using a mobile device that is equipped with up-to-date person lists, the process of checking in people can be streamlined. 


Synchronous Clocks

vIDix Sync

ensure time throughout your facility is accurate and increase employee/student productivity, accountability, and accuracy.
Synchronize all timekeepers in the facility to one time.

vIDix Sync - Large.png

Investigation Video Management

vIDix Video Evidence

High-quality audio and video file formats make the process of bookmarking, searching, and transcribing data more efficiently, resulting in less time behind the desk and more time out in the field.


Building Communication


Building communication solutions improve safety by providing you with secure, reliable, and integrated two-way voice communication.

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