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vIDix Detention Manager
Jail Control System

Oversee and manage all aspects of your detention facility.


vIDix Detention Manager puts critical information and control right at your fingertips through an interactive touchscreen. From a single system, you can provide total security management and reporting.

Floor Plan

Tailored floor plans reflecting the physical building layout along with real-time status indicators provide quick assurance to a jail administrator of the status of each component on the system.

Live Video

From a touch of the screen, bring up any associated camera within the jail as well as throughout the entire facility. This is especially useful for 911 and dispatch centers to see all aspects of the facility inside and out and not be limited to jail control.

Touch Screen Control

In addition to quick viewing of the status of all points in the system. vIDix Detention Manager enables the ability to turn on lights, open a door or respond to an incoming intercom call all from a touch of the screen.

Console Lockout

With area-specific override controls, system access can be quickly locked down to prevent the takeover of key systems from an overrun workstation.

floormap and camera on pc (2).png


vIDix Detention Manager provides immediate control of jail and other related systems from a single touch of the screen. Real time on-screen indicators alert user of a change in device status.

Common Control and Monitor Components:

  • Access Control and Jail Cell Doors

  • Electrical including Phone, TV, Radio

  • Intercom/Speaker

  • Lighting

  • Overhead and Garage Doors

  • Sink/Toilet

  • Console Lockout

  • Audio Alarms for key alarm events

detention - lights & camerapng.png


vIDix Detention Manager provides a single platform to monitor and control new jail security hardware as well as breathe new life into existing systems, which will benefit from an updated interface and control system.

Audio & Visual Alerts
Console Lockout
Interactive Maps
Leverage Existing Technology
Monitor & Control Doors
Monitor & Control Intercoms
Monitor & Control Lights
Multi-State Icons
Tailored Displays
TCP/IP Communications
Touch Screen Controls
View Cameras
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