vIDix Video Evidence

Investigation Video Management

Up-to-date technology meeting today's standards in video evidence capturing and processing leads to streamline operation, resulting in efficient workflow. 


High quality audio and video make the process of bookmarking, searching and transcribing data more efficient, resulting in less time behind the desk and more time out in the field.


Video & Audio Syncing

High quality audio and video for exceptional image and sound quality.

Lightweight, High Quality Video

vIDix Video Evidence recording controls are simple to use and designed to operate without disrupting the interview process.

Tailored Recording Options

Start/Stop the recording process with a push button or from the client software. Add a card reader for greater control of the recording environment.

Simultaneous Interviews

Conduct, record and view multiple interviews simultaneously all on one system.


Bookmark & Time Stamp

Automatic date/time stamp included on all recordings. Personalize with your own watermark, bookmark key events with case number, demographics, and interviewer for quick search and review.

Case Manager

Capture and organize all of the demographics surrounding each case along with the related video file information.

  • Detailed Case Demographics

  • Auto Link to Video File

  • Open Video from Manager

  • Filter and Search Options

  • Case Analytics



Recordings can be saved in a universal format as well as saved in a proprietary format that includes its own playback application.

Storage Options

Once recorded, the files are stored on reliable technology instead of outdated media.The files can be exported using different up-to-date technologies.




Start and stop recording with push of a button. The switch can be mounted to the wall conveniently located to the interview room.


Capture exceptional audio within 30 foot diameter circle. Easily mount the microphone to a wall or ceiling.


Record high quality video capturing every detail of the interview. Various camera models available.



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