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vIDix Sync
Synchronous Clocks

Synchronous Clocks ensure time throughout your facility is accurate and increase employee/student productivity, accountability, and accuracy. Synchronize all timekeepers in the facility to one time.


With vIDix Sync, ensure that all clocks maintain the same time. A variety of clock options are available for a wide range of facilities including education, healthcare, manufacturing, business, and commercial.

Audio Alerts

Match bells and alerts to signal shifts, breaks, lunches, or classes.

Clock Functionality

120 ac or battery power. Mesh wireless signal coverage of your facility.

Clock Options

Choose from a variety of clock options. Clocks can be wall-mounted, analog, or digital.

Image by Monty Allen


analog-wall-clocks2 - No Logo.jpg


Analog clocks feature large, easy-to-read numerals in 12" and 16" face sizes. To synchronize the time, the clocks are connected to an independent time source. This source can be a master clock, network or Internet time server, computer time, or GPS.

message board.png


Ceiling or wall-mounted messaging clocks and scrolling marquees that come in a variety of sizes and clock/speaker combinations.

Master Clock Lathem.jpg


Provides synchronized control of secondary clocks, bell signals, and electrical circuits. It will also automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time and Leap Year. Plus, the included battery keeps time without external power.

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