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Rescue Assistance

Rescue Assistance provides accessible, hands-free, two-way communications enabling people with disabilities to call for help in an emergency.


Use the latest technology to optimize the performance of your building’s critical life safety solutions and environment. The Area of Rescue System uses a public telephone line for voice communication. 

Instant Alarm

Protect individuals in your building. In stressful and emergency situations, individuals can quickly communicate with the control station by simply pressing a button.

Visual Cues

A flashing light will notify the caller that the alarm has been received.

Voice Communication

Press the talk button to communicate with the control station.



Signage Grouped (2).png


Area of refuge signage is required by building codes, as well as ADA and NFPA 101 regulations, to ensure the call stations and safe refuge areas can be readily found. Signage also includes instructions to call for assistance. Signage can include directional, lighted room location, or instruction.

cornell-communciations_Rescue Assistance


The Call Station works with the Rescue Assistance system to initiate a call to the master panel when the button is pressed, opening up a voice communication from master panel to the station.

Annunciator Panel (Rescue Assistance) 2.


The Annunciator Panel works with call stations opening up a voice communication from master panel to the station when a call is initiated at call station.

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