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Video surveillance makes your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. View, manage and record video locally and remotely. Video can be securely accessed anywhere and at any time.

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View Anywhere

Live video and scene recreation can help for accountability and process flow within the organization.


Property Protection
Perimeter Security

Whether you're in the building or on the go you can view live cameras from any device, with the correct access rights.

Protect your building inside and out. Perimeter security keeps an eye on what is happening outside of your building.




Users can perform historical searches on the past 24 hours of video recording. Once the video clip is backed up to te local storage media, a thumbnail image is created for each video clip for ease of reference.

Quality video

Digital wide dynamic range cameras allow you to achieve superb image quality with a wide range of resolutions for even the most challenging environments.

Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts for events including:



-change of scene (camera moved)


-trip wire

Video analytics

Use video analytics to get detailed information about the activity of people in your building. People count individuals entering and exiting the building. Dwell time quantifies the time people stand in front of a given display.

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