vIDix Fire

Fire Alarm solutions protect your business and more importantly save the lives of building occupants. We offer total solutions that protect people and property with innovative and state-of-the-art fire alarm technology.

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Protect All Facilities

vIDix Fire is uniquely designed to meet the life safety needs of any size facility.


Automate your system for efficiency, safety and lower your budget.

Save Lives

Intelligent design that's reliable, protecting lives and livelihoods.




Code compliant design

State-of-the-art IP based alarm system protecting your assets.


vIDix Fire senses both fire and carbon monoxide.


vIDix Fire integrates with other systems within the building. vIDix Fire integrates with a buildings heating and cooling system, which then controls the building's air flow.

Elevator control

During the event of a fire alarm vIDix Fire will call elevators to the correct floor. Ensuring everyone is quickly moved to the correct areas of the building.

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IL Agency License Number: 127-001591