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Empowering Businesses and Employees Through a Time & Attendance Solution

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

At face-value Time and Attendance solutions generate benefits not only at the organizational level, but at the employee level as well.

Is it Micromanaging?

Some may feel that requiring workers to manually clock in and out of shifts and breaks can send the message their manager doesn’t trust them enough to report the hours they work accurately.

Many managers can be wary to use a time and attendance solution because it places the burden of trust on its employees. This can lead to employee resentment.

In industries like hospitality and retail where turnover is especially high managers don’t want to give their employees another reason to leave. It's industries like these where a time and attendance solution shines and is most useful.

Time and attendance solutions also grants benefits to employees and managers alike by empowering the users to be more involved in their day-to-day operations.

Benefits to Managers

By using a time and attendance solution, managers are ensured employees are held accountable for logging their actual worked hours. This eliminates the need for paper time sheets.

Managers can be proactive by receiving real-time alerts when employees have not shown up for a shift or are tardy.

The reporting capabilities of time and attendance allow managers to see which of their employees work the most overtime and which of them are routinely late to start their shifts.

Managers also have visibility of early clock-ins and late clock-outs, instances of over & under scheduling, and which employees have taken more than their allocated breaks.

Time and attendance software provides managers with insight they can use to iron out inefficiencies in their business.


As mentioned above, errors can cost you. Large, small, and mid-sized companies must all comply with a number of state and federal laws and managing the information of your employees can be tricky. Time & Attendance software provides easy methods for managing all aspects of your business including compliance related information.

Compliance rulesets can be set up to ensure staff don’t work too much overtime, take their legally required breaks and get paid accordingly for working overtime, weekends, and public holidays.

Managers have visibility over their compliance warnings so they can stop them before they happen and stay out of legal trouble.

Employees can also reap the benefits of using a time and attendance solution. As the reporting aspect of time and attendance software gives managers full visibility of their labor force in real time, employees that are punctual are more likely to be recognized and rewarded for it.

Employee Satisfaction

In this same way time and attendance software also guards against employees being over and under scheduled as employers will be able to see if this is the case and work to fix it.

Employees become more involved in the time off process by giving them access to view their current accrual balance and submit time off requests. Employees can receive instant notification once their request has been approved.

Final Note

There are a lot of time and attendance solutions out there and picking the right one can be tough. vIDix Labor provides you a robust Time & Attendance solution where the benefits for employers and employees are evident.

It is however important that employees see it as welcome addition, and this can be achieved by managers taking a little time to explain to them what it is and how it will benefit the business before introducing it.

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