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5 Things A Visitor Management System Can Offer Your Organization

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

What is a visitor management system?

vIDix Info, Visitor Management System is designed to meet your organization’s diverse needs by automating your Visitor Check-In process. Whether you are using a traditional guest book for visitor sign-in, have lobby attendants greet and check-in visitors, or an unattended lobby, vIDix Info provides a comprehensive enterprise class Visitor Management solution.

Accurately capture detailed visitor information. Identify all individuals who visit your facility by scanning an ID and identifying the reason for their visit. vIDix Info enables organizations to efficiently track visitors, print badges, and integrate with facility access control.

Here are the 5 things you want your visitor management system to do for your lobby.

1. Monitor For Unexpected Guests

A robust visitor management system should improve building security and employee safety with watches and security alerts. Create an Internal Watch Lists to email a host when a visitor arrives or when action needs to be taken for security purposes such as a former employee.

2. Check-In/Out From Multiple Locations

Use a tablet as a kiosk or electronic sign in device for users to enter visitor information you want to capture in their visit. Each tablet can be setup to display different sign in screens for different businesses in one building or for different locations in a facility. Visitors can easily check in at one location and out at another. Hosts will be notified via email or text when a visitor has checked in and/or out.

3. Scan Information Automatically

Make signing in and out as simple as scanning a driver’s license, business card, passport and bar code. Credential information is automatically populated to the appropriate fields in the visitor database with no added interaction from the user.

4. Capture Photos

Obtain a visitor photo during the visitor management process for added security and accountability. The photo can then be used on a badge and stored as part of the visitor record.

5. Reporting

One of the advantages of an updated visitor management system is the reporting. Gather and review contact information for follow-up or marketing purposes. Incorporate a quick survey on sign out to promote good customer service and process improvement strategies.

Bringing in a powerful, scalable visitor management system that includes great support will add value as well as an extra level of security to your corporate lobby.

For more information on vIDix Info, contact or 952.888.6688

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