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vIDix Control - Event Monitoring

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Event Monitoring is a valuable tool to help any organization stay on top of their day-to-day operations. Pre-configured instructions provide users the information and instructions they need to properly respond to any event such as a door being propped open. Date/Time stamp, user credentials and notes provide the components necessary for a complete audit trail and the opportunity to review past events and how they were handled.

Event Monitoring allows organizations to track and administer events as they unfold. Events are configured as Acknowledgements, these have various configurable attributes. When an event is initiated it will display (pop-up) in the Event Monitor. The user clicks on the event to acknowledge it; this action is Date/Time stamped, along with the User Name and Password and any Notes entered surrounding the event.

To quickly identify higher priority events from others, a Priority Level can be assigned to each Acknowledgment. Events with a higher Priority Level will display at the top of the Event Monitor. In addition, each Acknowledgement can be color coded to differentiate one event type from the other.

The Acknowledgement put together for each Event can have specific instructions for a User to read upon acknowledgement. These instructions can range from simply informing the User how to acknowledge the event to providing information on how best to respond to a chemical spill, intruder onsite, hazardous gas or a fire. Users can add a pre-configured or a free form text response for each event. More than one pre-configured text response can be configured for each Acknowledgement. This makes it easy for the User to respond to each of the different Event Types.

Users can be notified if the Windows Services are offline or back online, whether the door hardware is connected or not, various alarms related to the doors including Forced and Held Alarms. The system can capture changes in Inputs as well. These can include perimeter doors being opened or closed, freezer, heat or glass break detectors in alarm. Finally, persons, or groups of persons can be monitored for badge usage at any or specific doors. These events may include: Access Granted, Access Denied, Anti-Passback as well as Area Violations. The combination of these events provides an organization the visibility needed to stay on top of their day to day operations along with ability to acknowledge, administer and archive each event.

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