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Meet and Exceed OSHA Visitor Management Guidelines

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Do you know the latest visitor management trends for healthcare providers?

The regulatory body of the government known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with defining guidelines for important work-related tasks. Find out what you need to be compliant:

  • Visitor Management system requirements

  • Who needs to be tracked

  • What information should be collected

What impacts does OSHA have on the healthcare industry?

OSHA has been defining and enforcing workplace safety and health standards since 1971. A recent increase in the number of workplace violence cases in the healthcare industry has sparked OSHA to focus more attention on safety. For that reason, OSHA has taken a closer look at all aspects of a healthcare workplace, and has come up with a set of guidelines designed to improve safety for healthcare workers, visitors and patients alike. Where can you keep track of who is coming in and out of your facility? Visitor Management.

More of a Guideline than a Rule?

It is possible that OSHA may pass legislation on what visitor information needs to be collected at healthcare facilities, but at this time it’s only a guideline they recommend. In 2015, OSHA wrote a report on healthcare workplace safety.

Here is a list of OSHA recommendations for healthcare Visitor Management:

  • Sign-in/Sign-out procedures – applies to all traveling workers, contractors and guests

  • Collect data on all visiting employees – includes name, patients seen, contact information and more

  • Visual Display of visitors – suggests issuing visitor badges to all guests

  • Enforce visiting hours and procedures – come up with a visitor plan and utilize it

  • Establish a list of restricted visitors – watch lists are used to keep unwelcome guest out

Lucky for you, Ban-Koe Companies has the perfect solution to help you meet all these recommendations. Use vIDix Info to gather different information for each type of visitor; traveling worker, contractor or guest. Each type of visitor can have different badge layouts for security purposes. Speed up the sign in process by having repeat guests fill out information online so when they show up for the visit, their information can already be filled in and make the Sign in process quick and easy.

Administrators can have a real-time view of who is coming and going from your facility and can check against a watch list of people not allowed to enter the facility. The data can be used to show who is still in the building in the case an evacuation is necessary.

For more information on vIDix Info, Visitor Management solution, contact us at or 952-888-6688

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