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Card, Fob, Token, Tag and now Subscription IDs

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Over the last couple of decades, the two most common types of credentials used for access control were one of many different card offerings or a fob which would normally attach to your key chain. In addition to these two there are Tokens and Tags. Tokens consist of a small peel and stick device which was an early form of a mobile credential since they were generally applied to the back of a cell phone. Tags are used more often in industry since they are nailed, stapled or screwed to an item like a pallet, a beer keg or an automotive as it was making its way through an assembly plant.

While cards and fobs are still the two most common types of credentials being utilized, there are a couple of new credential offerings which recently arrived on the market, one of which will become an industry disrupter. The first being the wrist band which, as the name applies, is worn on your wrist. Because of this it is less likely to be miss placed and being made of rubber, it is water resistant so it is the perfect application for amusement and water parks as well as the education and healthcare industries.

Mobile credentials have been available for the past 5 years. As with any new technology the price per unit started out on the high end which has now been lowered over the past few years. The other concern was the fact that the credential was one-to-one relationship and if lost it had to be repurchased. Now, with the release of the new Subscription ID platform you purchase a mobile credential and it is yours. It can be used on more than one mobile device and if lost all that has to be done is to re-activate the credential on the replacement device.

With the new Subscription ID platform and lowered pricing, you will be seeing more and more mobile credentials being utilized as primary credentials or at the very least it is now affordable as a secondary or backup credential.

Contact us for more information on our wide range of credential offerings as well as the new Subscription ID Platform: or 952-888-6688

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