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Best Practices for Implementing Visitor Management

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Building security is becoming increasingly more of an issue than ever. Knowing who is in your facility, especially when something catastrophic happens is a concern most businesses’ have today. Part of the overall security plan must have a system to track guests coming in and out of your facility on a daily basis. Whether you’re a small or large company, an affordable visitor management solution can be a valuable tool in a weather or intruder situation.

1. Determine how visitors will sign in. Visitors can sign in themselves using a kiosk or someone can greet visitors and verify identity using a form of Identification such as driver’s license. 2. Select a Visitor Management System. Choose a system that can grow with your business. Having a single location might be good for the short term but having the ability to store data in a central location for multiple locations will be beneficial in the long run. 3. Enforce Access Control. Control where visitors can access your facility by limiting the number of public entrances. Lock other entrances and allow employees to enter using their access control credential. 4. Train Employees. Start with informing your employees that a visitor management system is in place to ensure their safety. Train employees on how their guests will use the visitor management system. Have employees explain the process to visitors they invite to the facility in preparation of an onsite visit. 5. Promote New Visitor Policy. Educate visitors by posting visitor management policy in public entrances. The signs should direct visitors to kiosk or to reception area with attendant. For reoccurring visitors, having a system that has ability to save visitor information which has an expiration date makes the process quicker. 6. Require Visitors to Sign Out. Make sure your visitor process includes having the visitors Sign Out at Kiosk or with attendant at the end of the visit. Know who is still in the building in case a situation arises by seeing all visitors who haven’t Signed out.

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