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6 Great Contactless Door Solution Ideas

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Many state and local COVID-19 protocols recommend the reduction of touch points in buildings. Hands free access control on facility doors can reduce germs from spreading while ensuring the facility remains secure. vIDix Control offers contact-less technology solutions that can be combined to ensure the safety, security, and health of today’s workplace.

These door hardware solutions, combined with appropriate hardware cleaning procedures, enhance the health of the facility by alleviating the transmission of germs across high-traffic contact points. These touch-less devices can easily be retrofitted to existing door openings for a cost-saving solution.

An additional benefit for employee and facility safety is the ability to do contact tracing utilizing the digital transaction logs in the access control system.

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Open doors without touching by simply waving your hand and walk through.

Make it easy for people to move quickly and hands-free through virtually any door with the simple addition of a touch-free Electric Latch Retraction.

Magnetic Door Holders keep doors open during high traffic times to minimize touch points on door handles.

Arm and foot pulls are easy, cost-effective options for hands-free door operation in new and pre-existing aluminum, metal or wood openings.

PIR Motion Detector paired with the (EAC) electronic access control system offers an automated solution. Each time the PIR Motion Detector registers a person within proximity it sends a signal to the EAS which then automatically unlocks the door. This can be paired with an automatic door opener making an entire hands-free solution for each door.

Long range card readers also enhance the EAC System. These can pick up the credential from further distances allowing the EAC system to unlock the door well before the person reaches it. This also can be paired with an automatic door opener making an entire hands-free solution for each door.

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