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Are physical cards a thing of the past? What’s trending in Access Control?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

The industry trend over the last several years is to move the Electronic Access Control (EAC) system from onsite to a hosted solution. Another industry trend is to shift control of the EAC system from a PC or laptop to a smartphone. Today’s workforce is expecting to control systems from their phone. It just makes sense to supply a door entry solution via a smartphone as well. Multiple studies have shown that persons are more likely to leave their car keys or id badge at home instead of their smartphones.

vIDix Go provides a hands-on mobile solution to momentarily unlock a controlled door. This means your employees, contractors, vendors, visitors and tenants can have door access at their fingertips!

How does it work?

Each electronic lock is represented by an icon. This icon has the name of the door on it as well as a Location description (if used). Within the icon, there is a door status icon showing if the door is unlocked, locked, in alarm or disabled. There is also a favorites icon which, when pressed, moves the doors from the All-Doors list to the Favorites list. The favorites list is a pared-down list of doors a cardholder has access to. The cardholder presses the desired door icon and the door will momentarily unlock. It’s that simple!

Key Features

  • Personalized Door List: Determine access by assigned doors and access schedule.

  • Favorites List: Pare down a list of all doors to specific doors used by vIDix Go

  • Sort by Door Name or Location: List doors alphabetically or group Doors by Location for ease of selection and use.

  • Supports Industry-leading wired and wireless electronic locksets.

If a cardholder loses or has their physical badge stolen, the credential can continue to be used until deactivated. An advantage of door access controlled from a smartphone is that another layer of security is automatically applied; whether that be a biometric or PIN to unlock the device. A lost or stolen smartphone can’t be used to gain access to a facility. There are no identifiable features on the smartphone tying it back to a specific location or organization as a lost Identification badge would.

Onboarding is made easier because nothing physical has to be supplied to the employee. An email or text can supply all the details needed to access and enable momentary access to the facility. For contractors, vendors and visitors, it can be cost-prohibitive for an organization to give out a technology credential with the company information printed on it for short-term use.

The same functionality can also be used for pickup and delivery personnel. Access can be limited to specific doors, as well as a specific time frame. For example, delivery personnel can provide access to the Warehouse Door from 3:45—4:15 pm Monday through Friday, or any such scheduled time frame.

Today’s mobile technology allows you to provide an on-hand effortless mobile solution for employees, contractors, vendors, visitors and tenants to gain access into a facility with no physical credential.

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