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Boost Employee Productivity With Online Time Tracking

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Make life easier for your staff so they can focus on their most important tasks. The new vIDix Labor Employee app is the easiest way for employees to track their hours, view important information regarding time & scheduling and make requests.

The latest release of vIDix Labor Employee app includes some exciting new features:

Track Hours: Instead of clocking in & out, maybe you have employees that just need to submit how many hours they worked or how many hours they worked on specific projects. With hour entry, employees can submit their time from any device- phone, tablet or computer!

Geofencing: Setup geo-locations to verify employees are punching in or out at the correct location.

Offline Capabilities: No internet? No worries. In offline mode, employees can continue tracking their time and when back online, will automatically sync to their timesheet.

Default Landing Page: Make it easy for employees to clock in & out by setting a default landing page. After logging in, they’ll be brought straight to the default function such as clock in & out.

Interactive Timesheet: Employees can easily verify their timesheets by viewing their total hours & timesheet transactions. Drill down to quickly see additional details & exceptions.

Time Off: Empower employees to view accrual balances, request time off as well as remove their time off when plans change. Managers can quickly view other approved time off and make a decision on the request from their mobile device.

Photo Capture: Worried about Buddy Punching? With Photo Capture you can prompt employees to take a photo of themselves as they punch in and out. As a manager, you can review the photo to ensure the right employee is punching.

Questionnaire: Setup a custom questionnaire to prompt employees to fill out health screening questions or attestation questions at the time they clock in or out.

Contact or 952-888-6688 for more information.

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