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Geofencing For Offsite Employees - How does it work?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Do you have workers that clock in & out remotely? This could be field service workers, home health care staff or delivery drivers. With employee’s working in the field, they are often using mobile devices to clock in & out for their shift. Ensure they are in the correct location when they are starting or ending their shift by using vIDix Labor.

When looking at a mobile time & attendance solution for employees, make sure it includes Geofencing.

How does Geofencing work? A virtual zone can be setup around a specific location. The location can be assigned to an employee if they are working in the same location each day. Or the location can be assigned to the employee’s schedule, which is great for employees working in various locations throughout the week.

As employees punch in or out, if they are outside of the virtual zone, their punch will be flagged on the timesheet. Managers will see a visual indication that the employee has punched outside of their assigned zone. For more information, the manager can open the punch location to view where the employee punched in vs. where they were expected to punch.

Benefits of Geofencing for Mobile Employees

  • Monitor employees who punch outside of their assigned geolocation

  • Cut down on time theft; track employee hours for accurate payroll

  • Flexibility of logging time from different offices & locations, as long as they are within the acceptable zone

  • Improve Manager’s data visibility

  • Track employee hours per job

Learn more about vIDix Labor Time & Attendance with Geofencing by contacting or 952-888-6688



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