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How HID Global’s® Aero™ Controllers Will Enhance vIDix Control Electronic Access Control Solution

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

There is now the heightened realization that one of the mainstay product lines in the access control industry is coming to an end. We are talking about HID Global’s® VertX® intelligent network controllers and interfaces. The VertX line has been the mainstay of HID Global’s access control product offering for the past decade. The last purchase date for these devices is December 31st, 2021.

As with most things, the end of one era is the beginning of the next. This past year HID Global has begun shipping its replacement intelligent network controller and interfaces known as Aero™. The new product offering comes with many advances over its predecessor.

In parallel with the previous offering, the new product comes with a network controller (X1100) along with a 2-door Interface (X100) as well as both an input interface (X200) and output interface (X300).

The main difference is with the X1100. Besides controlling all of the downstream interfaces it offers support for 2 additional doors. This means each access control enclosure can now support 2 additional doors. This can be the difference between having to mount and wire an additional enclosure or not. This also means that the X1100 is the replacement interface for the previous VertX V2000 network reader interface/controller. Now there is one less device to offer and support. An additional advantage with the X1100 is having the option of expanding an existing system, whereas the V2000 did not allow for any expansion.

Another benefit of the new product offering is enhanced network and transactional security. This is accomplished with multiple enhancements. Mutual authentication using TLS 1.2 while running in a FIPS 140-2 approved operating environment within the intelligent controller. AES-256 encryption between the intelligent controller and interface modules. New cryptographic chips to protect against malicious brute force attacks. Secure bi-directional communication between the card readers, intelligent controllers, and door interfaces with OSDP Reader support.

The Aero product line also offers several hardware advantages over its predecessor. The intelligent controller and interfaces can now run on either 12 or 24 VDC. Since most door hardware is now 24 VDC this means one less power supply needs to be installed in the enclosure standardizing the voltage across the entire system. The output relays are stronger providing an opportunity for a longer service life. LED lights on each module provide positive feedback for the device’s status and communication. They also provide positive feedback on each input and output reducing the deployment and configuration time frames.

One more important item to mention, you may be wondering what happens if one of my VertX intelligent network controllers or interfaces needs replacing? No worry there, the Aero intelligent network controllers can control both Aero and VertX interface modules. This means your existing VertX system can be continued to be supported, and even expanded with a combination of VertX and Aero interface modules.

Please contact us at or 952-888-6688 to learn more.

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