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How to Optimize Your Visitor Management

Updated: Jun 20, 2023


A group of visitors gather and chat in an office

Does it feel like you or your front office staff have been falling behind when it comes to managing visitors to your building? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly 68% of workers surveyed by Honeywell indicated their building managers aren’t investing enough in the health and safety of their workplace.

You may be experiencing an influx in visitors as summer rolls on, which is why we’re putting visitor management at the forefront this month. In this blog, we’ll cover why we think businesses are falling behind in their visitor management and how to find a solution with a more modern (and cost-effective) visitor management system.

Why Your Visitor Management System May No Longer Be Sufficient

Misconceptions still exist when it comes to implementing proper visitor management, even as workplace intrusions remain a high risk factor. Some believe that visitor management systems only need to exist for large corporations, or that visitor management software is simply too costly for smaller businesses or firms.

Unfortunately, holding on to these misconceptions may lead to your workplace or school becoming less secure, especially today. By not adding or improving a visitor management system, you may run across the following issues with your business or school:

  • Disorganized visitor sign-in processes, leading to miscommunication among hosts or front office staff

  • Inefficient record-keeping, leading to losses in productivity and money

  • A sloppy visitor experience, leading to a bad perception and word-of-mouth for your company

Surprisingly, many businesses still feel that keeping a pen-and-paper guest log is sufficient. They may feel the investment in visitor management software is too high or that it’s simply unnecessary; however, upgrading your visitor management software doesn’t need to be a luxury—in fact, it may end up being a cost-saving measure.

Having a digital sign-in kiosk or check-in app allows you to cover your front desk at all times, even without a staff member present. You’ll also avoid any costly issues that arise from an improperly kept guest log or lost sign-in data. (Read on to see how we secure our visitor management cloud platform, vIDix Info!)

Lastly, many visitors report that a modern visitor management system enhances a business’ appearance and company identity. This, in turn, builds your word-of-mouth reputation as a modern, streamlined, and efficient place to visit. Helping your visitors feel calm and noticed at the same time is an important step to visitor management. Don’t underestimate the optics of a quality check-in experience.

Streamline Your Visitor Management with vIDix Info

For building managers to offer a more efficient visitor management system today, a few important steps need to be included. Most visitors will expect a process that includes pre-registration, digital forms, a customized label or badge printer, and email or text alerts so that hosts are notified instantly about arriving visitors.

On the flip side, staff will be looking to keep accurate visitor records and detailed reporting from the unlimited data at their fingertips. For front office staff feeling overwhelmed, this can be a great way to determine peak visitor traffic hours when more resources are needed.

At Ban-Koe, we offer a visitor management system that scales with your business’ needs via cloud or on-site deployment options. It’s called vIDix Info, and it comes with many of the features listed above—plus more! Additionally, as a shared software solution, you’ll have access to our high levels of digital security that you may not be able to afford on your own.

A man signs into an office using a tablet

vIDix Info also comes with add-on hardware to further streamline your visitor management process. Examples include:

  • A tablet that you may use as a kiosk or electronic sign-in device. You can display different sign-in screens for businesses in one office building or for different locations in a facility.

  • A driver’s license scanner that verifies a valid ID is used and captures only necessary data, including photo, to automatically fill in the visitor database.

  • A printer with two options for a visitor’s badge: either a self-adhesive label, or a PVC visitor badge.

Interested in scheduling a product demo for vIDix Info? You can do so here. For more ways to integrate your visitor management software, read on.

Integrating Your Visitor Management System with Your Access Control

You’ve learned how vIDix Info integrates with your credentialing—but what about your entire access control system?

If you’ve been following our blog, then you know how important access control is to us and our clients. Our vIDix Control solution is already used by many organizations as an all-in-one security platform that manages their entrances & exits, captures events on video, and sends mass notifications. It only seems natural that your visitor management should integrate with your access control, right?

Both vIDix Info and vIDix Control are part of the same suite of workplace security solutions, making integration between the two incredibly easy and seamless. You can combine a visitor label with an access control visitor badge in a clear plastic sleeve on a lanyard so employees know visually who is a guest, while the access control badge limits visitors to certain areas for safety and security.

Or, it could be that you won’t let a visitor out of the vestibule without entering accurate host information, such as in a long-term care facility. Once the visitors are confirmed, they’ll gain access to a code that’s displayed for a keypad to unlock the main door.

This just goes to show some integrations can be simple and others more complicated. Connecting the two is a great way to enhance your security while improving the guest experience of your visitors.

Manage Your Guest Log the Secure Way with vIDix Info from Ban-Koe

We hope you’ve learned how a modern visitor management system can be both more secure and cost-effective at the same time, no matter the size of your business or school. With the right visitor management software, you can streamline processes for your front office and security, provide more safety to your workforce, and impress your visitors all at once!

Interested in hopping on a call? Schedule a time for a product demo of vIDix Info, our industry-leading visitor management software. We’re certain you’ll find your summer visitor surge a lot less stressful to handle once you’ve made the upgrade.

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