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How to Stay Organized During the Unexpected

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

What will happen in life is mysterious since our futures have limitless possibilities. Based on how the brain craves a plan to reduce anxiety, Ban-Koe found different ways to combat the fears of the unknown with tools and training to take control over situations that call for it.

Being proactive instead of reactive is a key to being safe and mindful of others from what-if events. Think of how it is a priority to create a list to stay informed and how it establishes a simple solution.

Fortunately, the tool vIDix Muster will help create a list to account for people when needed.

vIDix Muster is an emergency preparedness system that allows you to:

  • Enable staff members to self-check-in or have a team lead check-in people; this will help decipher individuals who may require assistance.

  • Send messages via email or text alerts to remind users to complete self-check-in.

  • Utilize details of the last-known locations of people to rapidly generate an accurate muster list.

It is developed around the need to know where people are during an emergency, safety drill, and when a dangerous event happens.

This tool matches the energy of life; has limitless possibilities with dynamic solutions that support unlimited locations, users, sites, events, and emergency drills.


Real-Time Status: Of course, you want to know who and where people are as soon as possible.

Photo Identification: Identify people by having access to photos during check-in. The photograph of someone appears next to their name and last activity. Having this will help you save time and lives.

Data Integrations: Determine the latest details of known locations from your Access Control, Time & Attendance, and Visitor Management Systems to get an accurate list of people at any location needed.

Event Management: Empower your Safety Team with the tools to help manage emergencies or safety drills.

Self-Check-in: Empower individuals to indicate they are safe during evacuations and shelter-in-place events.

Reports: Generate reports showing detailed analytics of events to improve response times for future events.

Cloud-Based: Maintained 24/7 with scheduled backups and upgrades. Giving you peace of mind that you can use a reliable solution.

This solution is ideal for multiple companies such as businesses, schools, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and government. Contact us to schedule a product demonstration.



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