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Impact of Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ending

To focus their efforts on newer technologies, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 operating system as of January 14th 2020. Windows 7 was first released back in October of 2009. Check out the official announcement and frequently asked questions by clicking here.

What Ban- Koe customers need to know is that they can contact Global Support to learn the upgrade path to any software currently being used on Windows 7. When hardware such as ID badge printers or digital cameras are used with the Ban-Koe software, like with the credential software, that also needs to have a Windows compatible driver. Printers such as Fargo DTC4500 or Evolis Pebble4, Dualysis3 and Tattoo2 do not have printer drivers for Windows 10 operating system. Even though the printer could still be operational, customers will need to purchase newer equipment. Need help picking the best printer? Email


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