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Increase Building Security with Push Button System

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Do you know who has access to your facility at all times? As an organization you should always be monitoring who comes in and out of your building. You should be able to quickly lock and unlock a door as visitors approach the building to promote a safe work environment.

With a Ban-Koe Push Button Lock/Unlock System, administrators can access a comprehensive log of who is coming in and out of their buildings. By having such a system, you can ensure that you are doing the best you can to provide and ensure safety to employees and subordinates alike. The great thing about a Push Button System is that the buttons can be mounted anywhere, such as under a desk, in an office or on the wall. The Push Button Lock/Unlock System can easily be added to an existing access control system to further increase your building security.

If interested in hearing more about a Push Button Lock/Unlock System or any other Ban-Koe solution offering please email or call.


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