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Introducing vIDix Control Version 7 - Your Solution for Access Control Management

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Last fall Ban-Koe announced the pending end of sale of HID Global’s® VertX® access control product line as well as the release of its replacement, the new and improved Aero™ Access control product line. This hardware changeover resulted in the release of vIDix Control Version 7. This reworked version was released in February 2022. Since its release, the software has been updated to take advantage of both 64-Bit operating systems for faster throughput for most operations, as well as now supports .NET Framework 4.8 to take advantage of the latest development tools from Microsoft®.

The Web Interface for vIDix Control 7 has received many accolades over this past year for its simplicity of use. Its design from the beginning was to provide the user with the tools necessary to do their job without the complications or cumbersome tasks of picking through additional tabs, and selections which rarely get used. Being a web interface, it is super easy to deploy and update. Just install or update where the software resides, the same URL can be used to run the new or updated version.

The Add Person Wizard steps through 3 easy steps to add the person details, credential information, and Door Schedule. Start-up Filters can be applied to group persons by location, department, or position. Transactional, as well as status reports, can be displayed on-screen, saved for reuse and exported. Door Schedules, Holidays and Unlock Schedules can be added and edited when need be. Floorplans can be uploaded if you prefer to view, respond and control your doors, inputs, and outputs visually. Photo Recall displays a person’s image with each credential scan. It also informs you of unwanted and bogus credentials scans at each door.

And don’t forget about our Mobile App. This also has been updated to support the new Aero hardware. From the smartphone, the user can momentarily unlock, Unlock or Lock doors now as well as in the future. Initiate any of the three Lockdown conditions as well as broadcast life safety messaging. Interface with other systems, visually see the complete picture of your security solution with colored icons as well as enroll new cardholders on the fly. All of this can be done from onsite or off.

Speaking of mobile, over the past several months' several industry and e-magazine articles have discussed the growing impact of mobile credentials within the access control industry. Instead of using a card or a fob to enter a facility. The credential component is stored on the smartphone. Simply presenting the phone to the reader will unlock the door. From further distances rotating the phone 90 degrees and then back vertical will signal the reader to unlock the door. This is known as Twist & Go. Storing your credential on your smartphone provides many benefits, including privacy and security. Plus, it's always with you, so you don't have to worry about forgetting it. Numerous studies have proven that the majority of individuals are more likely to leave their physical wallet or keys at home over their smartphone. Pair a mobile-enabled reader with vIDix Control 7 and you are ready for mobile access, or Twist & Go!

To learn how we can support you with the new Aero product line, an upgrade to vIDix Control V.7, or utilizing mobile credentials at your facility please contact us at or 952-888-6688.



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