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Modern Technology Adds Convenience and A Hands-Free Experience to Physical Access Control

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

There have been many advancements in access control in the 21st century. One such advancement is the ability to store an access control card number or credential within their smartphone, both on Android and iOS. Now, the credential can be added to your Apple Wallet, using this paired with your Apple Watch allows for a truly hands-free experience.

Storing your credential on your smartphone provides many benefits, including privacy and security. Plus, it's always with you, so you don't have to worry about forgetting it. Numerous studies have proven that the majority of individuals are more likely to leave their physical wallet or keys at home over their smartphone.

With no Physical badges to keep around, IDs can now also be stored on the phone with products such as vIDix SoftID. This can eliminate the need for physical cards, fobs, and ID Card Printers.

The mobile credential and Apple Watch provide a fast and convenient experience for unlocking doors. In addition to doors, this can also be used for:

- Access to workstations, cloud applications, and networks

- Clock in & out to time and attendance terminals

- Access parking garages, gates, and ramps

- Secure elevator call, and access to secured floors

- Vending, library check-out, lockers as well as secure cabinets

- Access to protected network copiers and printers

Mobile credentials paired with Apple Watch provide a 21st-century experience for the modern workforce. Please contact us to find out more about mobile credentials, their various uses as well as electronic identification using vIDix SoftID.



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