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Primacy 2 Card Printer Now Available

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

The Primacy 2 Card Printer is packed with High-Tech Features. Data deletion and scrambling with digital erasing of printed data as well as rewrite technology. With a high-capacity feeder and one of the fastest print speeds on the market, the Primacy 2 Card Printer is the ideal solution for medium and large-volume printing needs.


Multiple printing features

  • Edge-to-edge printing, single or double-sided

  • Color sublimation / monochrome thermal transfer

  • Rewrite technology for rewritable cards

High-performance printing and autonomy

  • Up to 280 cards per hour (color printing, single-sided)

  • 100 or 200-card feeder* (200-card feeder can be integrated on-site)

  • 300 dpi

  • Color adjustment via color profile

High security and card durability

  • Multiple encoding options

  • Printing of UV effect

  • Double layer overlay

  • Scanner

  • Lamination

Please contact us at or 800-969-9633 to learn more.



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