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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your School PA System

School PA system

With summer break in full swing, now is the perfect time for administrators to evaluate the condition of their school's PA system. We don't have to tell you that a reliable and effective school intercom is essential for clear communication and ensuring the safety of everyone inside your building and on campus. 

But is your current system up to par with modern times or are you due for an upgrade?

Is It Time for a New School PA System?

Below are just a few scenarios that indicate your school intercom system is insufficient and outdated, posing potential risks to the safety of your students and faculty. 

1) Inadequate Sound Quality

If the sound from your PA system is unclear, distorted, or filled with static, it will hinder communication, which could be detrimental during an emergency. 

The poor sound quality may be due to several factors, including the wear and tear of wiring, outdated technology, or improper maintenance. Regardless of the reason for the quality, the fact remains that if staff and students can't hear you, they can't receive important instructions when time matters most.

2) Limited Coverage

Are areas of your building or around campus experiencing poor reception or no coverage at all? In emergency situations, such as lockdowns or evacuations, you want the peace of mind that all announcements can be clearly heard throughout the campus area to ensure a prompt and coordinated response.

3) Frequent Breakdowns

Constant issues such as static, feedback, or malfunctioning equipment may indicate that instead of another repair, a replacement system is required—which could save you in maintenance costs in the long run.

4) Outdated Technology

Older PA systems may lack important features such as integration with other systems, remote access, or emergency notifications. Having a school PA system that is compatible with other smart devices can greatly improve administrative organization and enable effective communication from any location.

5) Incompatible with Modern Needs

Related to our last point, the inability to easily and efficiently schedule announcements, integrate with security systems, or adapt to evolving technology requirements can be a sign that your current system has become obsolete.

What's the Risk of an Outdated School PA System?

It's no secret that potential challenges holding many school districts back from upgrading their school PA system can range from budget constraints to lack of technical expertise, or sometimes resistance to change from staff and board members.

However, not upgrading your school intercom can lead to issues such as subpar audio quality, an unreliable system, and a limited ability to communicate during emergencies. 

These drawbacks ultimately have the potential to jeopardize student safety and impact the overall functioning of your district.

So, What Are Your Options?

Given the 5 warning signs and risk factors mentioned earlier, it's essential for school administrators to explore modern PA/intercom systems that can address these challenges effectively. 

One such solution is Ban-Koe's PA/intercom system. Our system offers clear and reliable communication, extensive coverage, and a range of features that are crucial for modern school environments.

Administrators will have access to advanced capabilities including: 

School administrator looking at map of school
  • Seamless integration with other security systems

  • Emergency communication features

  • Remote access

  • Digital signage

  • Bell schedules

  • And more

With its user-friendly interface, scheduling bells and pre-recorded announcements and managing live emergencies within your building and around campus becomes a breeze.

Are You Ready to Upgrade?

If you're considering installing a new school PA system or putting it off due to costs or other administrative restraints, we can help. We'd love to walk you through a live demo of how our system works and what you can expect from partnering with Ban-Koe to improve school safety and communication this fall. 

We've worked with many school districts throughout the year and can help you find a solution that meets your budgetary needs and school safety requirements now and in the future.

To get started, request a live demo today! 

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