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The Benefits of Rapid Access Solutions for Your Building

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A female employee scans her mobile access control credentials to enter her workplace


When a crisis strikes your building or property, there is only one priority: keeping those inside safe from harm. Having proper protocols in place for your tenants inside your building or school campus ahead of time will help, but building owners and managers must also be able to give rapid access to first responders arriving on the scene.

Most property managers know of the KnoxBox® key storage system, which has given rapid access to fire and law enforcement agencies for over 30 years. When a crisis arises, rapid access solutions like the KnoxBox® remove the barriers to entry for first responders and minimize property damage to your building. If you’re not already using a KnoxBox®, Ban-Koe is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.

If you currently have a KnoxBox® installed, you may be interested in some of the other ways our partnership with the Knox Company and its premier line of Rapid Access Solutions can help you. Read on to learn more.

What is a KnoxBox®?

The most crucial component of any rapid access system begins with a key storage solution like the KnoxBox®. With a KnoxBox® on your property, you’ll be able to:

  1. Assure immediate access to firefighters or law enforcement without delay

  2. Eliminate forced entry damage that may not be covered by your insurance deductible

  3. Enjoy more peace of mind from attack-resistant, UL-tested reliability

The rapid access solutions available to you through our partnership with the Knox Company don’t end there.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Rapid Access System

As a Knox Trusted Partner, Ban-Koe provides building owners and managers with local code and product application expertise, inventory, installation, and support on a local basis. Other products and services available to your comprehensive rapid access system include:

  • A Knox Box™ - multiple boxes at most/all exterior entrances so that law enforcement can access the building covertly in an emergency.

  • A Knox Elevator Box™ to provide quick access to the correct elevator drop key and interior keys to open an inoperable elevator and critical locked areas within a building

  • A Knox FDC Lock™ locking mechanism that secures and protects fire sprinkler systems (FDCs) against damage, vandalism, and debris. It also helps avoid costly back flushing service and replacement fees

  • A Knox Gate & Key Switch™ to override electric gates in residential communities, school campuses, parking garages, and industrial gated areas

  • A Knox Remote Power Box™ to remotely operate a shunt trip breaker or safely remove or isolate power from a building or equipment

You can get any one of these solutions or more with Ban-Koe’s efficient and effective application processes. Contact us today and we’ll help you with consulting, installation, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your building or property always remains secure. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about our specific services at Ban-Koe as a Knox Trusted Partner.

Get the Knox Company’s Quality Standard with Ban-Koe

The Knox Quality Standard is broken up into 5 parts: Solution, Expert, Supply, Service and Support. Here’s how you get each one with Ban-Koe:

  1. Solution: We support the selection of the right products for your property that meet emergency access and safety needs in all the right locations.

  2. Expert: We’ll leverage local fire and security rapid access and response knowledge to specify tailor-made solutions.

  3. Supply: You’ll always have immediate access to product inventory or upgrades with us, when you need it.

  4. Service: We provide adherence to the highest level of installation requirements to ensure maximum security.

  5. Support: We collaborate with local public safety agencies for successful implementation and/or commissioning of your system(s). We also maintain, support, and provide necessary upgrades to ensure your building or property remains secure with changing safety needs.

It’s time to leverage our deep knowledge in fire, security, and suppression and our strong reputation as a provider for your rapid access control system upgrade. Contact Ban-Koe today to discuss the security and preparation needs for your property. Together, we’ll commit to your number one priority for keeping your people and your property safe.

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