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The Power of Notes in Time Management

When it comes to time management and labor tracking, there’s no system that does the heavy lifting better than vIDix Labor. By building employee schedules and collecting punches, you can track every hour worked by every employee in your organization, saving you the hassle of having to keep up with individual paper timesheets. In addition, notes can be added to any schedule or punch during the week, making communication between employees and managers easier than ever before.

How do Notes Work?

Notes are freeform text fields, allowing employees to add extra detail about their worked time to be communicated to their manager. Notes can also be added to employees' schedules by a manager. After a timesheet is signed off, notes can be viewed in reports. The notes allow for easy communication with other team members and supervisors.

Adding Notes to Schedules

Adding notes to shifts is a simple way for managers to communicate with their employees about their scheduled shifts and ensure they have a clear purpose. Notes can be used to clarify what the employee is scheduled for as well as any other information that might be important such as tasks, making it easier for them to remember what they have to do during the day. Employees can view the scheduled shift along with the note through the vIDix Labor Employee self-service app.

Adding Notes to Timesheet Transactions

Employees can also add a note to the transaction when they are clocking in or out, entering hours or tracking their pay codes. The note will appear on the employee's timesheet. Managers can then view the note associated with the transaction and add or edit the note if needed. All edits made to the note will be tracked in the audit trail.

How To View Archived Notes

To view archived notes, go to the Reports and select Timesheet Report. This report can include the audit trail, including any notes made on the timesheet. So even after timesheets have been archived, you'll still have full detail about what occurred during a shift or why something on the timesheet was added or modified.

As you can see, notes are a powerful tool to connect your employees to your business activities. They can be used for simple communication or viewed in complex tasks like scheduling. For more information on vIDix Labor, contact

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