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Time & Attendance: Photo Capture

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Employees can easily punch in and out from our web-based app, vIDix Labor Employee. This can be accessed on a mobile device, PC or tablet. To eliminate buddy punching, photo capture can be turned on as part of the punch process. Capture the employee’s photo as they punch in, out, for meals or breaks.

After employees punch with a photo, it will be available to review on the timesheet. Managers can easily validate the employee’s identity by viewing their punch photo. Exceptions can also be tracked on the employee’s timesheet if they punch in and no photo was taken.

In addition to photo capture, Geo-fencing can also ensure that the employee was at the right spot when they clocked in or out. With both of these features, you can ensure punch accuracy at all times.

Please contact us at or 952-888-6688 to learn more.

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