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Maximizing Safety & Efficiency with a Video Management System

Business owner reviewing surveillance from video management system.

Whether you operate in education, healthcare, retail, or a corporate environment, you want to ensure that your facility—and the people inside—are always safe and secure. 

One way to achieve this is by installing video surveillance. But this involves more than just security cameras and hardware. In addition to quality surveillance equipment, you need a trusted Video Management System (VMS).

What Are Video Management Systems?

A VMS is used to monitor and record video footage from IP based surveillance cameras. It provides advanced features and functionalities to scale your security efforts as needed.

What They Do Best

Video management systems allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • View live video streams

  • Playback recorded footage

  • Export video clips for further analysis or evidence gathering

User-centered software aids in the tasks of managing and accessing video footage within a surveillance system. But with so many options available, choosing the best VMS for your needs can be challenging. 

5 Must-Have Features of a Video Management System

If you're looking to install a VMS or upgrade your existing one, you'll want to ensure you're getting the best quality, features, and price. 

Here are the top five must-have features your VMS should include.

On-Demand Scalability

Be sure the system you choose can handle the number of cameras you need to monitor and expand to meet your company's future needs. Simply put, you don't want to invest in a system that will become obsolete as your business grows.

Seamless Compatibility

Consider each system's compatibility with your current cameras, IT infrastructure, and software applications. The video management system you choose must integrate seamlessly with your current equipment to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. 

It's also essential to ensure that the system can support any future cameras you plan to purchase and easily integrate with any future software or IT infrastructure upgrades you may make. 

Remote and Mobile Access

With remote access, you can quickly check your property's video footage from anywhere using a smartphone. This feature allows you to monitor your premises even when you're not physically there, providing you with peace of mind and added security. You should be able to monitor your property in real-time, whether at work, traveling, or at home.

Ample Storage capacity

Video surveillance often misses critical events due to inadequate storage capacity. As a result, you may experience a security breach but cannot capture the event on camera for law enforcement or file a claim with your insurance provider. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the system you choose can store video footage for an extended period. You should also consider the type of storage you need, such as cloud-based or on-premise.

Analytics and Reporting 

Finally, your system should be able to analyze the video footage and provide insights into your operations. It should also generate reports that can be used for business intelligence purposes.

Think of it this way: If your security system detects a threat but fails to alert you or your team about it, it has not done its job of protecting your assets.

Who Benefits from Video Management Software?

Any business that needs to monitor multiple locations, manage large amounts of video data, or ensure the safety and security of its employees will benefit from a video management system. 

These include

  • Retail stores

  • Banks and financial institutions 

  • Hospitals

  • Schools and universities

  • Government facilities

  • Transportation hubs

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Warehouses

Trust Ban-Koe for Security and Efficiency

Ban-Koe offers a suite of video surveillance and workplace management solutions to organizations that prioritize quality and efficiency. 

With our trusted video management system, directly integrated to vIDix Control, you can enjoy improved functionality and features that enhance security and safety. 

Decision-makers make better, informed decisions when armed with all relevant information. 

  • Email/text notifications, on-screen, and auditable alerts provide updates on-site activity. 

  • Live on-screen video facilitates immediate comprehension of unfolding events, enabling swift and decisive responses.

Because our VMS seamlessly integrates with vIDix Control, you'll also have access to the following features:

  • Interactive map to quickly identify a region of concern

  • Transaction logs to store and house all past recordings

  • On-screen alerts and mass notification

  • vIDix Control Mobile App

  • Lockdown control

To learn more about how to upgrade your video surveillance with a quality video management system from Ban-Koe, request a live demo today! 

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