vIDix Aware Emergency Preparedness Solution Now Equipped with Gunshot Detection

vIDix Aware can now start an event based on a gunshot at a school or business. Ban-Koe partnered with Trinity Gunshot Alarm System to integrate their gunshot sensors with vIDix Aware. Once a gunshot sound is detected, one or multiple actions can be triggered such as event initiated along with a pre-recorded intercom message being played. Besides gunshot sensors, vIDix Aware can also integrate with other hardware such as a push button at reception desk or a pendent around a teachers’ neck to initiate an event.

vIDix Aware strengthens a company’s Emergency Preparation Plan by reducing notification time, informing all staff members of the type of crisis as well as providing up to the second visibility throughout the event. The solution is designed so users can easily initiate an incident from a phone, tablet, computer or other integrated hardware as mentioned above. This gives people the ability to report issues such as a person with a weapon, a tornado warning or even the smell of gas. The reported incident can be communicated throughout that facility or school district wide if desired. The employees or staff who are assigned to specific areas can respond to the incident with their current status.

This information is gathered and displayed for the event response coordinator to see status of the areas using color indicators on a floor plan or map of the campus or facility. The event response coordinator can also send messages in real time with the responding staff to get updates on status as well as an additional details desired. When first responders or law enforcement arrive, vIDix Aware has the ability for the event coordinator to share the vIDix Aware system so they have all of the information gathered available to them. Once an incident has been cleared, a detailed report of all communications that took place can be displayed.

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