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vIDix Control: Free-Flow Vehicle Access

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

vIDix Control paired with long-range readers will increase vehicle throughput while providing an exceptional touch-free user experience


Pedestal reader gate solutions require the driver to stop the vehicle, lower the window, reach out and present a credential at the reader, or enter a PIN on a keypad. This process is slow and will cause delays at entry points. Weather extremes make for an uncomfortable experience. Plus, it requires remembering a PIN and/or touching a shared identification device. Not an ideal solution.


A long-range free-flow reader solution increases vehicle throughput while providing an enhanced user experience.

  • Vehicles do not have to stop for improved efficiencies.

  • Driver stays out of the elements for an exceptional user experience.

  • A touch free solution provides a sanitary transaction for peace of mind in today’s environment.

  • No trenching required to bury wire underground to ease installation and reduce cost.

  • Eliminates the potential of shared PINs.

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