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vIDix Control IoT in the Building Security Industry

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

The term IoT means Internet of Things, it is used to describe network-connected hardware items that interface with cloud platform software to provide an intelligent, functional, enhanced user experience. If you have an Alexa-enabled speaker from Google, or you have LED lights that are controlled via an app on your phone, you have IoT devices in use in your life already. While these devices may not have changed your life, there is a good chance that they have changed the way that you interact with each system by making its interface and connectivity simpler to use.

IoT devices in the commercial building industry are used for lighting, temperature control, security, and safety of the occupants. The use of a PoE data network with hundreds or thousands of these independent IoT devices is a design practice that has gained popularity. According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, there will be roughly 18 billion IoT devices connected to data networks by the year 2022 all of these devices will be talking to software via a network connection making these interactions less complex and simpler to use.

The vIDix Control platform is already positioned to meet IoT requirements for building safety and system integrations. When utilizing the PoE-powered EDGE controller, you are using an IoT device that is ready to play a crucial role in the security of today's intelligent building design. The EDGE controller has its’ own onboard processor, it has an ethernet interface to both on-premise and cloud-based Access Control as a service (ACaaS), and it can provide a system status to the end-user. These are the items that are deemed as qualifiers for any device to meet the IoT device standard.

If you’re concerned with IoT solutions for your facility, Ban-Koe has a solution to meet your needs. Contact us at or 952-888-6688

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