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vIDix Control + Wireless Locks

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Have you recently expanded your building with additional doors? Do you need to lock a mobile cabinet such as a medicine cart? Would you add electronic locks to your server racks? You can easily expand the reach of your existing access control system and secure openings that would otherwise go unprotected.

Utilizing online wireless locks, access control can be easy applied and cost-effective at any controlled point, with standardization across locations. With our wireless lock solution, customers won't lose functionality such as schedule doors unlocked each day including first person unlock capabilities and Lockdown.

Various locksets are available for door configurations including designer doors, glass doors, cabinets and server racks. With a streamlined approach on hardware, this makes a perfect solution for multi-tenant applications such as apartments, businesses, schools and retail stores.

Contact or 952-888-6688 for more information.

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