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Prepare Your Business For Emergencies

Preparing for emergencies of all types and taking preventive measures reduces the impacts of a wide array of unplanned incidents.


Ensure your facility is equipped with the resources and capabilities that provide first responders with the access, critical information, safety, and security needed when seconds matter.


The Knox Rapid Access System is an important and cost-effective addition to every business’s proactive preparedness effort.

Invaluable Emergency & Safety Resources

for First Responders and Facility/Security Personnel


Designed for placement next to elevator banks for quick access by firefighters; it stores the elevator’s override and drop keys, plus additional interior keys:​


Increase safety with a remotely operated shunt trip breaker that removes/isolates power from a building or equipment:

Provide vital emergency response items such as floor plans, SDS, HAZMAT info., and keys for internal access, in a prominent and easy to find location for the first responder

Facilitates compliance for SDS storage Access to emergency and evacuation plans Stores keys/key cards, and emergency contact info


Rapid Access

FDC Protection

Provide first responders with expedited and secure ingress with Knox key vaults, padlocks, and gate & key switches:

  • Minimizes property damages and costly repair costs 

  • Reduces critical delays     

  • 24/7 access     

  • Secure riser room access

  • Decreases potential forced entry injuries

Protect Fire Department Connections (FDCs) with Locking FDC Caps. The caps ensure fire departments have quick and unrestricted access to the supplemental water needed for fire sprinkler systems during a fire:

  • Locked caps keep debris from entering the connection

  • Decreases theft of brass connections     

  • Increases safety by reducing     opportunities for criminal activities

Safety Solutions

Critical Information


Big Returns,
One-Time Investment

Rapid access resources reduce the need for forced entries and provide multiple benefits:     

  • Response times are improved

  • Replacement and repair costs are significantly reduced    

  • The need to resecure a property is eliminated    

  • Costly repairs and interrupted business operations are avoided


Contact Us to Implement a Cost-Effective System Today!

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