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Employee Name Badges and ID Cards: Why Print Isn't Going Away

Group of happy university students wearing printed name badges.

With so much technology at our fingertips, it's easy to assume that printed name badges are becoming obsolete. Yet, it may surprise you to know that they're still highly regarded as effective identification protocols for businesses, universities, and organizations nationwide.

Printed badges and ID cards provide a tangible way to verify a person's identity. This is especially important in industries that require a high level of security, such as:

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Higher education

But they do much more than that. 

Printed badges allow opportunities for customization, using a wide range of design elements to create a professional, cohesive look that creates a sense of unity among employees, attendees, students, and members.

3 Benefits of Print Name Badges

Let's quickly review the top 3 benefits your business can expect from utilizing printed badges and ID cards.

Streamlines Visitor Management

By providing visitors with ID cards, organizations can easily identify them and track their movements within a building or on campus. 

Whether you choose to invest in pre-printed visitor ID cards or create custom barcodes for each individual guest, you'll know exactly when visitors arrive and depart, can restrict and grant access to designated areas, and improve the overall safety of your property—and the people inside it.

Builds Brand Awareness

As noted earlier, printed name badges or cards can be customized with a wide range of design elements, including logos, photos, and other branding elements to create a sense of unity and belonging among employees, students, and members. 

Additionally, when employees wear their ID cards outside of the workplace, they become walking advertisements for your company or organization, further promoting brand awareness around the community.

Improves Safety & Security

By using printed IDs, organizations can easily keep track of who is accessing certain areas and monitor traffic throughout the building. This helps ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in restricted areas, improving overall security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access, whether it be department level or preventing patients from wandering into different rooms without the supervision of a nurse or staff member.

Additionally, custom badges or IDs can display important information about the individual, like their name, job title, and department, making it easier for others to identify them and their level of access within your facility. 

Types of Printed ID Cards

There are various types of ID cards and badges available, including:

  • Employee ID cards 

  • Visitor ID cards 

  • Student ID cards 

  • Military ID cards 

  • Membership cards 

  • Access control badges 

  • Conference badges 

  • Event badges 

  • Loyalty cards 

These are just a few examples, and there are many ways you can customize your cards and badges to include features like barcodes or holograms. 

Who Benefits from Printed IDs?

Several organizations, including those in the healthcare, government, and higher education sectors, can significantly benefit from the use of employee name badges and IDs. However, businesses and institutions operating in other areas (even entertainment) can enjoy similar advantages, such as:

Young college student holding her student ID card.

  • Concert/music venues

  • Trade shows

  • Conferences

  • Exhibitions/art galleries

  • Athletic stadiums

In addition to providing security and access to different areas within a building or campus, printed IDs can assist visitors and guests in identifying who to ask for directions or report any issue.

Can Desktop Printers Print ID Cards?

Desktop printers are not designed to print ID cards as they lack the necessary features to print on high-quality, durable cards. 

ID card printers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to produce professional-grade ID cards with features like encoding, laminating, and embossing. 

These printers use special ribbons, films, and cards that are designed to withstand frequent use, abrasion, and fading. 

Need to print high-quality, durable ID cards? Ban-Koe's vIDix Identify workforce management solution can help!

Why Are ID Card Printers Worth the Investment?

Like the cards they produce, ID card printers offer a variety of benefits to organizations and businesses alike. 

  • They are designed to produce professional-quality identification cards that are durable and long-lasting, using high-quality materials and advanced printing technologies. 

  • Additionally, ID card printers are considered specialized devices that are not typically used by the average consumer. Therefore, they are designed to meet the demands and quality standards of large organizations that require identification cards on a regular basis.

  • Finally, ID card printers often come with additional features such as magnetic stripe and smart card encoding to increase safety.

Ready for the best part? You don't need to purchase a high-quality ID card printer to enjoy its advanced technology and performance. Instead, you can partner with Ban-Koe to streamline all your ID printing needs at a competitive cost. 

Contact us to learn more about our credentialing solution!

Which Printer Is Best for ID Cards?

When it comes to printing cards, the latest Evolis Agilia printer offers a wide range of benefits and advanced technology, making it a popular choice for a variety of industries. 

Using retransfer technology, the Agilia printer consistently produces high-quality, durable cards (up to 600 dpi print resolution) for universities, airports, state governments, and more. And with a printing speed of up to 150 cards per hour in full-color, single-sided mode, it can handle high-volume card printing jobs quickly and efficiently. 

Evolis Agilia printer for printed name badges and IDs.

Agilia also offers a wide range of options for graphic and electrical customization to enhance the security of your cards. You can choose from microtext, guilloches, UV ink, high-definition QR code, and more. 

If you need a higher level of security, Agilia is compatible with the lamination module that can apply laminates, such as varnishes and patches, transparent or with holograms.

Ban-Koe is excited to offer this cutting-edge retransfer printer option to customers as part of its vIDix Identify solutions

Other Printing Solutions from Ban-Koe

With over 35 years of experience in the printing industry, trust our team for all your printing needs and requirements. We have a wide selection of high-quality card printers available through our vIDix Identify solutions, and our team can help you find the right one that fits your budget, printing volume, and other specific needs. 

Need a Credentialing Management Solutions

From ID card printers and supplies to design and customization services, we have everything you need to create high-quality, on-demand employee name badges and ID cards at a price you can afford.

To learn how our credentialing solution, vIDix Identify, keeps your business moving forward, request a demo today! 



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