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Visitor Management After COVID-19

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Because student safety is a top priority, Ban-Koe Companies offers a flexible visitor management solution that will fit any school district. Upon a visitor’s arrival, have visitors answer questions on their personal device based on the latest guidelines for testing, symptoms or known exposure. By screening visitors at check in process, you can avoid having them enter the building if they present any symptoms.

Another option is to have someone at the front desk filling out the information on the visitor’s behalf to prevent people touching kiosk tablet or keyboard.

After a visitor has checked in, you can then display information on screen to inform visitors of any safety requirements such as requesting them to use hand sanitizer or having them wear a face mask in certain areas.

Once the visitor has signed in and reviewed safety policies, print a label that identifies the visitor visually. When the visit is complete collect the visitor’s badge on their sign out to keep accurate log of onsite visitors. This allows your contact tracing to include visitors.

By implementing an Automated Visitor Management in your school, you can protect and inform visitors as they enter the building. For more information, contact us at or 952-888-6688

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