When Seconds Matter

vIDix Aware is Ban-Koe's situational awareness and crisis management software. This solution is being implemented in schools to communicate emergency situations where you want faculty and staff to respond with their status during a crisis event. Those responses would then be visually displayed in the Commander module with a detailed map of school.

What sets vIDix Aware apart from other vendors is our ability to integrate hardware into the solution. Customers can use the application on a phone, tablet or computer to start an event. If a person sees a student with a deadly weapon and does not have their cell phone, they could walk up to an Aware Terminal placed in the school’s common areas to start an event thereby triggering mass communication of danger. The Aware Terminals require faculty and staff to first authenticate themselves before displaying the configured events. Authentication can be done using technology card, fingerprint scan, entering PIN number or by combining 2 of the authentication methods.

Once a person authenticates and selects an event, a picture of them is taken and stored with the event for validation. The selected event on the Aware Terminal changes color and stays active until the situation is under control and a person stops the active event. If customers have multiple Aware Terminals in the same building, they will be synced up and display the active event on all terminals.

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